Fri, Mar 1st 2019 9:59 am by Alaina Doria Home Buyers

Most people don't think about how they will deal with an HOA, prior to home buying. Homeowners Associations were created to establish and maintain a high-quality service for all residents within their community. In certain situations, however, they can cause some serious headaches for investors and/or new home buyers.

1. Read and understand the rules and regulations within each community. If you do not understand something or need a better breakdown of the rules, directly contact the HOA. Some people think " Well, my neighbor has lived here for 5 years and said it's OK,"...No, not really. They will find you and they will penalize you.

2. Relax ... you're paying for this. Don't get caugh...

First Time Home Buyer

Sun, Feb 17th 2019 1:57 pm by Alaina Doria Home Buyers

Ownership is 38% cheaper than renting on a national level!

For all you first time home buyers, this seems like it can be a stressful process. Hopefully, these tips make your experience a little easier and a lot closer to buying your DREAM home!

1. DECIDE WANT YOU REALLY WANT - The options are over whelming! What do you really want? Single-family home? Condo? Investment? Where in the Grand Strand do you want to live? Myrtle Beach? Surfside Beach? Carolina Forest? Conway? Cherry Grove? Different areas have different price points, so it's important to do your research.

2. WHAT'S YOUR PRICE POINT?? - Are you a cash buyer? If not, your price point can be determined with a PRE-APPROVAL. Plea...

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Is it Carolina Forest or Yankee Stadium??

Fri, Feb 8th 2019 1:20 pm by Alaina Doria The Move Down South

I moved to Myrtle Beach nearly 13 years ago from New Jersey. Often, when I meet locals (the ones who are actually born and raised here), they ask, "So, where are you from?" The next question is, "Where do you live?" I tell them Carolina Forest and then I get the same response I always hear... "Oh, your'e over there in Yankee Stadium." I can't help but laugh because it's so accurate. A majority of people who move down south from up north tend to find themselves in the Carolina Forest area.

Carolina Forest has become its own little city. The tremendous growth we've experienced in the last 10 years is shocking. We have it all over here! So many grocery stores, a few pizza joints, great rest...